• Why choose Emanuel?

    Emanuel Lutheran School challenges students to grow in a nurturing, safe, and loving atmosphere. Our school offers excellent K-8 and Preschool programs that educate students to excel above state standards.  This helps our students prepare for higher levels of education.  The effectiveness of Emanuel’s education is demonstrated in the recognition and achievements our alumni receive during their time in high school and college.  We also encourage students to ask questions, explore, discuss, and expand their curiosity. Our small class sizes ensure that our students’ needs are met, their voices are heard, and their hearts are protected as best as possible in this ever-changing society. At the same time, Emanuel is dedicated to raising children to be leaders of faith and followers of God's Word. 

  • How is Emanuel different from other schools?

    Emanuel offers a Christian education rooted in Christ, creating intellectual curiosity in a welcoming and safe environment while in a small classroom setting that allows every child to excel.  Along with an excellent academic curriculum, Emanuel Lutheran School offers students the ability to explore music, arts, athletics, and service opportunities to help students build a solid foundation for life.

  • Does my child have to be Lutheran to attend Emanuel?

    This is not a requirement to be a student at Emanuel.  We do prioritize providing a safe and loving Christian environment for all our students to learn and grow. Emanuel welcomes students of all faiths. Currently, the school population is made up of approximately one-third Emanuel church members. Other families belong to neighboring Lutheran congregations as well as other Christian denominations.  We encourage you to consider Emanuel if you do not have a church home and are seeking one.

  • Can I afford Emanuel?

    Absolutely!  You will be surprised how affordable a quality Christian education is at Emanuel Lutheran School.  We invite you to visit our school and compare our tuition to other schools in our area. We do not want financial barriers to keep any family from a solid Christian education.  For this reason, Tuition assistance and scholarships are available for qualifying families.

  • Does Emanuel offer Tuition Assistance?

    Every student at Emanuel Lutheran School receives tuition assistance from the congregation because the tuition charged is much less than the actual cost of the education received. The congregation subsidizes the school as its primary mission work and has for over 160 years.

    We recognize that God does not provide all families with the same financial resources; some families may not be able to afford the cost of tuition. Families with need may apply for a tuition assistance grant. An independent tuition assistance program screens tuition assistance grant applications.  Many individuals as well as groups within our congregation help to meet the financial needs of our school and families.

  • What does it mean to be NLSA Accredited?

    National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) encourages and recognizes Lutheran schools that provide quality Christian education and engage in continuous improvement. … Accreditation helps Lutheran schools evaluate their academic quality and the spiritual dimension of the school. Emanuel Lutheran is a fully accredited school.

  • What high school do our students attend when they graduate from Emanuel?

    Our students transition to high schools in several public school districts in our area as well as one of the private Christian high schools near Emanuel.  Our students are regularly accepted into honors programs at these high schools and report being well-prepared for their classes.  Many of our alumni are frequently listed on high school honor rolls, are inducted into the National Honor Society, finish in the top 10 of their class, and several of our students have been named the valedictorian or salutatorian of their graduating class.

  • How do Emanuel students perform on Standardized Tests?

    Emanuel students in grades 2-8 participate in NWEA MAP Testing twice during the school year. Student progress is recorded individually and as a class. Emanuel Students on average perform above the national average for their grade level in the areas of mathematics, reading, language arts, and science.

  • Does Emanuel provide transportation?

    Emanuel Lutheran School, served by District 108, provides public busing services accessible from any location within the district. This option facilitates transportation for families residing within District 108 boundaries. Many families transport their children from neighboring communities to take advantage of Emanuel's excellent education. We will do our best to connect families with others in the same community to facilitate ride-sharing if needed..

  • How is the school funded?

    Emanuel Lutheran is funded by the following:

    • Tuition/Registration

    • Tithing by the church congregation

    • Donations & Grants

    • PTL Fundraising

    The actual cost to educate each child is approximately $7,000 while tuition is a small percentage of that total cost.

    We are blessed to have a church family that sees value in our school mission.

  • What are the benefits of a multigrade classroom?

    There are many advantages of being part of a multigrade classroom. Younger children in multi-age groups strive to attain the academic levels they see older children achieving. In contrast, the older students benefit from hearing and reviewing what was taught in previous grade and may have the opportunity to aid younger students gain understanding. Children's social behaviors also mature, with an increased feeling of accomplishment and a stronger teacher-child relationship. The opportunity to grow leadership abilities are part of every day classroom life in a multi-age classroom.

  • How often is religion taught?

    Religion is an integral part of our school day. It is taught four days a week and on Friday students participate in an all-school chapel.  Religion lessons consist of units connected by a common theme grounded in God's Word. Bible narratives provide an overview of God's story of love and salvation for His people as found in the Old and New Testaments and continue to touch our lives today. Students are taught fundamental concepts of faith such as Law and Gospel, confession and repentance, and forgiveness and grace. Through a planned memory work program, students learn Scripture verses, hymns, and portions of Luther’s Small Catechism.

  • What is technology in the classroom?

    Each child in grades 2-8 is assigned a school-owned Chromebook for instructional purposes. Our Primary classroom has interactive tablets, which are used to assist with instruction. Each of our classrooms has an interactive Smartboard, which allows our teachers flexibility in delivering lessons. These boards can function as interactive whiteboards, video screens, and instructional displays.

  • How Large are class sizes?

    The class sizes at Emanuel Lutheran School vary but the average is 6 students.  The small class sizes allow for an ideal student-to-teacher ratio and optimal individualized instruction and attention. 

  • How does Emanuel handle student behavior issues?

    Emanuel Lutheran School strives to cultivate a classroom culture that is respectful and nurturing. We understand that student behavior issues arise.  Parents will be notified individually to address disciplinary concerns. The ultimate goal in any discipline issue is reconciliation and restoration of relationships within the classroom and school.