Kathy Mackenthun

Interim Administrator

Kathy Mackenthun

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It has been my honor to have been a teacher at Emanuel since 1981. My teaching responsibilities were spent in the first and second grade classroom for nine years. I then moved to the fifth and sixth grade classroom for the remainder of my teaching career. I retired from the profession in 2021 and enjoyed a few months of official retirement. God had other plans. I returned to Emanuel to fill a long-term subbing position in the Primary Room in the Fall of 2021.

I am once again honored to be a part of the amazing faculty and school life of Emanuel. Between August, 2022 and June, 2023 I will be filling in as Interim Administrator. Many years ago members of the faculty, including me, helped execute the administrative duties. The responsibilities of the position have grown and become more in depth in the span of years that has passed. It has been a learning curve. With the help of staff and the support of the School Board the transition has been made easier.

Each day as I walk into the building I am reminded of all of God's blessings. This reminder comes through the wonderful staff, the parents I see, and the children whose smiles are a welcome sight. Although I will only be in this position a short time, the welcoming, loving, Christ-centered spirit of all I meet is a daily joy!

  June 2023  
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